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    Hidroconta is a pioneering company inresearch, manufacturing and distribution of products for the control of water resources. We treasure over twenty five years experience in this sector with highly qualified professionals to develop projects and solutions, always with the highest quality, economy and efficiency in each of our products.

    We are an enterprise dedicated to the realization of industrial and public works projects, as well as hydraulic and electrical materials supply.

    Nowadays, our company is based on technological innovation and constant improvement in order to adapt our product into a global market background. Furthermore, each of our products is characterized by the implementation of high quality materials and efficient design which make us a key player in the market.

    We have a large and highly experienced team of professionals characterized by broad experience and great qualification in each of the work areas developed inside the company.

    Total transparency
    Total transparency
    Hidroconta is committed to being a transparent company to the customer at all times informing them that projects are underway and their suitable efforts being carried out. We understand that each project is unique, exclusive, and should be treated with due diligence and enthusiasm.


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    Hidroconta, S.A.

    Ctra. Sta Catalina, 60 30012 Murcia

     (+34) 968 26 77 88
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