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Centinel Counter

Ultrasound flow meter for drinking water, with communications for the integration and display of data. The Centinel meter features a high-resolution alphanumeric display and an internal battery with a useful life of over 12 years.

Ultrasound flow meter

The range of CENTINEL meters is built in the DN 15 and DN 20 gauges.

Ultrasound technology

  • The Centinel meter uses ultrasound technology, so it operates with no internal moving parts.

High accuracy

  • Hidroconta conducts strict tests with its meters, ensuring their quality and accuracy. The Centinel ultrasound flow meter has been certified for a pressure of R400, offering a high accuracy at very low flow rate volumes.

U0/D0 installation

  • Installing a Centinel flow meter allows the fitting of elements at its inlet and outlet, maintaining its accuracy and reading results at low flow rates. Thanks to its features, the flow meter can be installed in reduced spaces. 

Minimum starting flow rates

  • The Centinel drinking water meter can read very low starting flow rates of 1 l/h, which allows the quick detection of leakages in any installation. 

Drinking water certifications

  • This is the perfect meter for installation in drinking water circuits. The Centinel flow meter features all of the certificates required for installation in different supply networks, such as in buildings, housing developments, etc.

Built-in communication system

  • The Centinel flow meter features LoRa Wan, wMBus and NB-IoT communication technologies, which are compatible for the integration and display of data from the Deméter platform.

Data history records

  • Centinel records data every hour, day and month, storing the data in the meter’s internal memory. The recorded data can be read remotely thanks to the water meter’s built-in communication technology.
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1- Which is the difference between dry dial, wet dial and semi-dry water meter dial?

On water meters with dry dial the reading mechanism (clock) is tightly separated from the wet chamber of the meter.

On Wet dial water meter, the watch is totally immersed in the fluid.

For water meters with semi-dry dial, the reading mechanism is totally immersed in the fluid but the dial is partially serrated and protected by a sealed capsule.

2- What are the ranges of measurement and precision?

The measuring range of the meters is determined by the Directive MID 2014/32 / UE establishing the ratio between the value of the permanent flow (Q3) and that of the minimum flow (Q1). The water meter can measure up to the maximum flow rate (Q4) for short periods of time without deterioration.

The maximum permissible error, positive or negative, in volumes between the transition flow (Q2) (included) and the overload flow (Q4) would be 2% with a water temperature ≤ 30 ° C.

The maximum permissible error, positive or negative, in volumes between the minimum flow rate (Q1) and the transition flow (Q2) (excluded) would be 5%.

3- The MID directive and its compliance

The MID Directive (2014/32 / EU Measuring Instruments Directive) is a directive of the European Union whose purpose is to harmonize the different aspects of Legal Metrology in the member states.

The most important aspect of this directive is that equipment in possession of a MID certificate can be used in the EU.

4- How should the single jet water meters be installed?

HIDROCONTA single jet counters do not require special installation conditions.

If you have any doubt about the installation of these equipments, it is recommended to follow the instructions indicated in the technical data sheet of the product.

Centinel meter

Centinel is the perfect drinking water flow meter for domestic water installations. Its high accuracy and low starting flow rates allow the quick detection of water leakages, allowing you to reduce your water consumption. Centinel is an ultrasound flow meter that has been designed to measure clean water at temperatures of up to 50°C. This meter uses ultrasound technology, so it operates with no internal moving parts. As a high-accuracy meter, Centinel eliminates possible deviations caused by foreign bodies. The unit features a 9-digit LCD display that shows its accuracy at very low flow rates, up to 1 l/h.


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