HIDROJET plastic series water meter for irrigation and hydraulic public domain with CE approval.

Hidrojet plastic series water meter is manufactured in fiberglass polyamide and includes a pulse output pre-equipment. Straight sections are not necessary at the Atlantis water meter input or output U0-D0.
Ratio accuracy R80.

Hidrojet plastic series water meters ranges from DN 20 to DN 40.

Multi-jet meter, body built in glass fibre reinforced polyamide

  • The Hidrojet water meter is available with metal and plastic casing. In addition, the inner body is manufactured in a thermoplastic material due to its multi-jet technology, since the turbine rotation speed depends on the speed of impact of the water jet.

Vacuum-sealed clockwork, with protected magnetic transmission system.

  • Hidroconta’s Hidrojet plastic water meter has been designed to prevent water from condensing inside its clockwork, as in the case of the full range of Hidroconta small-gauge meters. It also features a magnetic transmission system that is protected against external magnetic fields, increasing the level of safety and accuracy of the meter.

Pulse emitter pre-unit for remote reading tasks.

  • Quick connection, no need to stop the meter or disassemble it. For remote meter readings. No need to visit the installation to control your consumption, simply install a pulse emitter, since the plastic Hidrojet meter is designed with a pre-unit, so you do not need to remove the water meter or other elements from your irrigation installation.

R80 accuracy ratio (horizontal) and R20 accuracy ratio (vertical).

  • As in the case of the metal body water meter, the Hidrojet plastic meter is certified for a pressure of R80. The accuracy of a water meter in installations increases farmers’ profitability and ensures its optimum performance. Hidroconta’s Hidrojet water meters have been certified by the Spanish Metrology Centre and are the perfect solution for large farmland operations, as well as for irrigation communities, private or public gardens, swimming pools, etc.


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