High quality measurement with water meters for hydraulic supply and irrigation systems, accumulated consumptions, instantaneous readings and totalizers to carry out optimal water control.

Contador de agua potable inductivo


Single jet water meter


Multiple jet water meter


Multiple jet water meter


Multiple jet water meter

Hydrojet plastic series

Multiple jet water meter

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Centinel water meter

Ultrasonic Smart water meter


Woltmann water meter


Tangential water meter


Woltmann water meter


Ultrasonic flowmeter

Ultrasonic flowmeter


Electromagnetic flowmeter

Water meters for domestic use, irrigation, public domain and agriculture

Controlling water consumption is the best approach to reduce costs, since it provides the information you need to control your water network, whether in an irrigation network or urban consumption environment. Information allows you to control consumption and with Hidroconta’s consumption and flow meters you can control consumption very easily.

Purchase the most suitable water meter for your installation. Hidroconta has been manufacturing water meters for over 35 years, acquiring extensive experience in the sector. We offer water meters with all of the technologies available in the market for different uses: domestic, agricultural and industrial.

Water meters and flowmeters

Choose the water meter that best suits your needs from Hidroconta’s range. We cater to the needs of our customers, with a range of products that covers small-gauge meters, perfect for metering water consumption in housing developments or detached houses, up to large-gauge meters for large-scale agricultural operations.

Hidroconta offers a wide range of water meters to control and record public water domain consumption in agricultural settings and consumption in urban and domestic environments. Hidroconta’s water meters feature a wide range of technologies:

  • Mechanical water meters, such as single-jet meters or multi-jet meters, Woltmann type meters.
  • As well as other ranges of meters designed to measure large volumes of water, such as electromagnetic water meters or ultrasound water meters, which can be used as fixed elements in an installation or be portable elements, used as metering elements in high-consumption water installations.

Drinking water meters, for irrigation water, public water and agriculture

Hidroconta’s water meters have been certified in different areas as legal metering systems. Water meters used in the public water domain must be certified with EMEÑE by the corresponding Metrology Centre; likewise,drinking water meters have the MID model certification registered by the Spanish Metrology Centre.

Contact us so we can help you get the most out of your water installation. Hidroconta will make every effort to reduce your installation’s water consumption, whether it is in an urban or domestic, irrigation, farmland or industrial environment. Our team of experts will help you in your projects.