Tangential turbine water meter.

HIDROTANGENCIAL water meter includes a pulse output pre-equipment. Metrological class A.

Hidrotangencial water meters ranges from DN 50 to DN 300*.

Tangential turbine and removable mechanism.

  • The turbine body of Hidroconta’s Hidrotangencial meter is mounted in a tangential position, allowing any suspended solids found in the water to pass through the meter without clogging it. In addition, it has been designed with a removable mechanism for ease of maintenance.

Class A (horizontal installation).

  • The Hidrotangencial water meter must be installed in the horizontal position to guarantee its proper operation. The correct direction of flow is indicated on the water meter body with an arrow.

Low pressure losses.

  • The position of the turbine reduces water friction inside the meter, resulting in lower water losses at the meter outlet.

Easy-to-read clockwork.

  • The clockwork of Hidroconta’s tangential meter features a magnetic transmission model. The totaliser sphere in which the direct reading dial is hosted is vacuum-sealed, ensuring that the sphere is dry at all times.

Protective cover.

  • The Hidrotangencial water meter features a protective cover to prevent impacts or damage to the meter.

Die-cast iron body.

The water meter body is manufactured in die-cast iron to ensure a high resistance to wear caused by continuous use. The operation of the Hidrotangencial meter is based on its turbine, mounted on the upper section of the metering tube. The turbine’s rotation is transmitted with a magnetic transmission system through a shaft and gear to a head, which accumulates the water volume that has circulated through the meter in its totaliser.The turbine is mounted on the upper section of the meter to allow solid particles to flow through without clogging the meter.

There are no obstacles in the metering tube and, therefore, the load losses are very low. With a fully independent mechanism protected against magnetic fields, the Hidrotangencial meter can be easily repaired, with no need to remove it from the installation, offering a higher durability and protection against fraud. The system on which the Hidrotangencial meter is based has been designed to supply a high flow rate with minimum load losses.


1- Has the turbine broken?

The rupture of the turbine may be caused by the presence of solid particles of considerable size, for example, blocks and stones which may be suspended in the water.
In this case you must replace the counter mechanism and place a filter before the counter so it does not happen again.

2- The water meter does not add up?

It is likely that it is stuck, has some internal part damaged or has suffered wear and tear due to aging.
When an aging wear occurs, the meter may add up to m3, but not the actual ones.
In this case, the damaged element must be replaced. Our counters thanks to its hydrodynamic design with independent mechanism makes this type of repairs very simple.
Tip: have complete mechanisms to replace the faulty meter while it is being repaired


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