Professionalize your installation with the necessary accessories for proper water conduction, pressure control, removal of suspended elements, or air in the pipeline with our products.

Water Management Accessories

Discover our wide range of accessories designed to enhance efficiency and performance in your systems. From dismantling reels to innovative Chronos totalizers, each product is intended to provide practical and durable solutions. Explore our selection of essential accessories to optimize your processes.

Dismantling reel

The dismantling reel is the perfect tool to facilitate the maintenance of your systems. With ergonomic design and resistant materials, it ensures simple and effective handling.

Flow stabilizing reel

Optimize the flow in your systems with our stabilizing reel. Designed to maintain flow uniformity, it contributes to consistent and efficient performance in your processes.

Basket filter

Protect your equipment with our basket filter. Its robust design and particle retention capacity ensure clean water free from impurities, extending the life of your systems.


Improve water quality with our Y-filter. Its versatile design allows for easy and effective installation, ensuring efficient filtration for optimal performance.


Explore our variety of pilots designed to provide precise pressure in your water network. Our range of pilots covers all the needs that may arise in an installation, pressure reducer, flow holder, or quick relief pilots, among others.

Chronos Totalizer

Revolutionize time measurement with our Chronos totalizer. Hidroconta’s digital CHRONOS totalizer facilitates flow and volume reading in meters. It features a configurable display in its input pulse value and the type of units displayed.

Air release valve

Optimize air evacuation in your systems with our plastic air release valve. Designed to offer efficient performance, it ensures smooth operation.

Metal air release valve

Discover the resistance and durability of our metal air release valve. With high-quality materials, it guarantees efficient air evacuation, contributing to the optimal performance of your systems.

In our collection of water accessories, you will find innovative solutions for every need. Improve efficiency and extend the life of your systems with our high-quality products.”