Perform advanced metering with Hidroconta water meters for hydraulic supply and irrigation systems. Water meters of small or large diameters, with mechanical, electromagnetic, or ultrasonic technology. Find everything you need to optimally control water.



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Water meters for domestic use, irrigation, public domain, and agriculture

Controlling water consumption is the best way to save costs because it gives you the necessary information to take control of your hydraulic network, whether it’s for irrigation or urban consumption. Information is control, and with Hidroconta’s meters and flow meters, controlling water consumption is very simple.

Acquire the perfect water meter for your installation. At Hidroconta, we have been manufacturing water meters for more than 35 years, and our experience in the sector endorses us. We offer water meters with all the technologies available on the market and for their different uses, domestic, agricultural, and industrial.

Water meters and flow meters

Choose from all the models of water meters that Hidroconta has available for you. Adapted to all your needs, find from meters of small diameters, perfect for counting water in urbanizations or independent homes, to meters of large diameters for large agricultural operations.

Hidroconta has a wide range of meters for the control and registration of public domain water for agriculture as well as for urban and domestic use.

Hidroconta’s water meters cover a wide range of technologies:

  • Mechanical water meters such as single-jet meters, multi-jet meters, woltmann-type meters, or tangential meters.
  • We also have other ranges of meters to measure large volumes of water, such as electromagnetic water meters or ultrasonic water meters that can be used both fixed in an installation or portable with the objective of using them as a verifier of hydraulic installations of high consumption.

Buy potable water meters, for irrigation water, public water, and agriculture

Hidroconta’s water meters have their corresponding certificates for the legal control of water. The public domain hydraulic water meters have the EMEÑE approval granted by the corresponding Metrological Center, likewise, the potable water meters have the MID model approval, a certificate registered in the Spanish metrological register.

Contact us to help you get the maximum performance in your hydraulic installation, from Hidroconta we will be willing to improve the water use performances in your installation, whether in an environment with water meters for urban or domestic use, irrigation or agriculture or industrial. We have a specialized human team that will support you in your project.

New Generation: smart water meters

Smart water meters are an advanced type of water meters that use monitoring and communication technology to measure and manage water consumption.

Furthermore, these meters are usually connected to a remote monitoring system that allows water managers and users to control and manage water consumption more efficiently.

Smart water meters can also detect issues such as water leaks and send alerts to users, which can help reduce water consumption and save money on the bill.