DEMÉTER 4H units control up
to 4 points of the water
network remotely.


Control your units from the
Deméter web platform. Obtain a global view
of your installation’s status.

Manage and control your network’s assets remotely with Hidroconta’s remote control units.
View the status of your meters, valves and all sensors from the Deméter web platform.

Water consumption management

Deméter is a state-of-the-art remote water network reading system, which can read network assets remotely, and designed to control and manage networks. Control and manage all network units from home, with no need to visit the control point.

Integrate water meters with communication systems into your network or add communication modules to your water meters to control your consumption, viewing all data in the management software, with no need to visit the consumption point.

It can be adapted to all communication protocols

From the point of view of communications, the Deméter system is integrated with most of the communication protocols currently available on the market: Sigfox, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, GPRS, etc. Thanks to its versatile design, it allows the system to integrate the most suitable communication protocol, according to the specific characteristics of its location.

Sistema de telecontrol Demeter
demeter web2

User management

The software allows new users to be easily registered by entering their data, username and password, in addition to their system access level.


The Deméter application shows a table with information about connected units to check the status of the network at a glance.

Water consumption alarm management

Establish a specific consumption level at which the unit will trigger an alarm. Configure the unit’s power supply alarms to ensure it is fine-tuned at all times.

Generate reports

View the terminal’s historical data and its connected elements in a chart or table.

Manage elements

Enable or disable the unit’s inputs and outputs, allowing the user to connect new units (water meters, hydraulic valves, humidity sensors, etc.) as the installation is changed.