Control your units from the
Deméter web platform. Obtain a global view of
your installation’s status.


Control your units from the
Deméter web platform. Obtain a global view
of your installation’s status.


Identify distribution network urban areas and detect network performance evolution, organizing and prioritizing the city by hydraulic sectors. The sectorization of urban networks is the ideal way to anticipate probable milestones and carry out actions against deviations in the distribution network.

Water parameter control

Manage the parameters of the urban water network, controlling different parameters, such as pressure, flow rate and quality of water, chlorine content, turbidity, conductivity, etc.

Urban consumption management

The Deméter data logger is a system that has been designed to manage the parameters of check or control points in a distribution network. Hidroconta’s unit offers the data required through the Deméter web platform to ensure comprehensive urban water network management.

Communication protocols

Hidroconta’s Deméter system has been designed to be integrated with most communication protocols available on the market. Units adapt to the needs of the project, customer and technical features of the area where the project is carried out.

demeter web2

Deméter Web


The Deméter application shows a table with information about connected units to check the status of the network at a glance.

Water consumption alarm management

Establish a specific consumption level at which the unit will trigger an alarm. Configure the unit’s power supply alarms to ensure it is fine-tuned at all times.

Generate reports

View the terminal’s historical data and its connected elements in a chart or table.

Manage elements

Enable or disable the unit’s inputs and outputs, allowing the user to connect new units (water meters, hydraulic valves, humidity sensors, etc.) as the installation is changed.