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Contador de agua Hidrowoltmann


Woltmann tipe water meter for irrigation and hydraulic public domain with m̃ approval.

HIDROWOLTMANN water meter includes a pulse output pre-equipment. Intallation conditions U10-U0/D0. Ratio accuracy R50.

Hidrowoltmann water meters ranges from DN 50 to DN 400*.

Woltmann water meter.

  • The operation of Woltmann water meters is based on the use of a turbine, with a shaft located in the water flow line. The Hidrowoltmann meter has been designed for hydrodynamic compensation, preventing external pressure on the turbine’s shaft.

Pre-installation for the pulse emitter.

  • It reads the meter’s accumulated volume, without having to take the reading on-site. The Hidrowoltmann meter is supplied from the factory with the pulse emitter pre-installed, so you do not need to remove the meter to install it.

Gauges ranging from 50 to 300 mm.

  • There is a wide range of Hidrowoltmann water meters, with gauges ranging from 2” to 12”, which can be adapted to any installation, irrigation or distribution network, regardless of the pipe size; all of the diameters offered by Hidroconta are covered by warranty.

Easy-to-read totaliser with vacuum-sealed clockwork.

Hidroconta’s Hidrowoltmann water meter has a very easy-to-read dial, which displays the following information: the 7-digit volume totaliser drum (m3), rotating star, which detects leakages in the installation, corresponding certification of passing the standard tests for use with irrigation water and public hydraulic domain systems, sensitivity, metrology class, etc. The entire clockwork assembly is prepared to prevent the condensation of water, which could cause humidity in the unit and, therefore, its deterioration.

  • R50 metrology (horizontal position).
  • Pressure loss class Δp 10 ( 0.1 bar)
  • Use for cold water 0.1 – 30˚C.
  • The Hidrowoltmann meter can reach a pressure of up to 16 bar.

The Hidrowoltmann meter is an essential water meter in any installation in which accuracy and consumption control are a must. Management of irrigation, farmland, garden and swimming pool networks are some of the most common uses of the high-volume water meter. Its robust casing guarantees a long useful life and the metering technology ensures reliable totaliser results.


1- Has the turbine broken?

The rupture of the turbine may be caused by the presence of solid particles of considerable size, for example, blocks and stones which may be suspended in the water.
In this case you must replace the counter mechanism and place a filter before the counter so it does not happen again.

2- The water meter does not add up?

It is likely that it is stuck, has some internal part damaged or has suffered wear and tear due to aging.
When an aging wear occurs, the meter may add up to m3, but not the actual ones.
In this case, the damaged element must be replaced. Our counters thanks to its hydrodynamic design with independent mechanism makes this type of repairs very simple.
Tip: have complete mechanisms to replace the faulty meter while it is being repaired.


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