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View water consumption in the Hidroconta Metering application, an app that is specially designed for end customers. Application available on the Google Play and App Store digital platforms.

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APP Hidroconta Metering

Controlling water consumption has become essential, even among private users. Make the most of your new digital water meter. With the Hidroconta Metering app you will be able to check your household water consumption every day, so that you don’t waste a single drop of water.

Hidroconta has developed the perfect app to view and monitor water consumption. View the data collected by the water meter and analyse your consumption in a quick, user-friendly way. The Hidroconta application will make it easy for you to view your consumption, compare actual water consumption and generate consumption reports.


Information about your water consumption just one click away

Instantly effective

Why keep tabs on each user’s water consumption?

  • There are various benefits of having real-time information about your household’s consumption. Here are a few examples:
  • System monitoring: save water by instantly detecting a fault.
  • Monitoring activity: analyse the consumption patterns of the people living in a home and determine if there are any possible issues, e.g. in second homes, households with vulnerable people.

Data display

Keep tabs on your water consumption easily and at a glance. You can obtain information about your water network by simply tapping your smartphone and take decisions accordingly. The smartphone app will show all of the information you need instantly: current accumulated consumption, reading time, average monthly consumption, etc…

Compare data

The Hidroconta Metering APP lets you compare your consumption using different time variables. Establish a consumption period to compare the data and generate reports with comparisons with the previous week, month or period.

Consumption alerts

Do you want to know when you have above-average consumption? You can configure your notifications on the Hidroconta Metering app, according to your consumption preferences and settings.



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