Demeter Web Platform

The Deméter Web platform is a user interface that is accessible from any device with internet access, allowing you to view data on a network and take any necessary actions on water installations.



Deméter WEB

Digitising a hydraulic network allows you to control multiple devices. Deméter web software allows all of the data to be standardised in a single platform, where the management company and user can view all of their systems.


User management

Deméter Web software allows new users to be easily registered by entering their details, username and password, in addition to their system access level.

Displaying searches

The Deméter Web platform includes a synoptic map that shows all of the elements for which the user has permissions. On this screen you can see the general status of a system or as many devices as you want, at a glance. By clicking on the icons at each site, you can view further details about each item.

Creating and displaying alarms

On the application, each user can configure their own alarms according to the assets linked to the website; valves, water meters, sensors, etc. Here you will be able to view the alarms that are active for your installation and edit them.


On the dashboard you can see all of the information about an element and each of its subsidiary elements, along with its reports, graphs and alarms. You can change its settings in a quick, user-friendly way. The dashboard contains:

  • Map: Shows the GPS position of the terminal on a map in Google Maps.
  • Last communication: Using a timestamp, it shows the last time communication was received from the terminal in question; you can force a communication by clicking on it.
  • Battery, Solar Panel, RSSI GPRS: These show a graphical representation of the relevant values for battery voltage, solar panel voltage and GPRS coverage.
  • Widgets of the different elements, i.e. the inputs and outputs, that are active in that terminal.

Asset configuration

On this tab you can configure every aspect of the terminal, such as the ID code, GPS position, battery management, alarms, communications, etc.


Each terminal can have up to 128 valve or digital output schedules. These can be configured however the user wants: daily, weekly or in intervals.


On the Deméter Web platform you can view all of the data related to an element and each of its subsidiary elements in the form of a graph or table.



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