HIDROJET water meter for irrigation and hydraulic public domain with CE approval.

Multi-jet water meter

Hidrojet water meter is manufactured in cast iron body and includes a pulse output pre-equipment. Straight sections are not necessary at the Hidrojet water meter input or output U0-D0. Ratio accuracy R80.

Hidrojet water meters ranges from DN 15 to DN 50.


Hydrojet Meter

The Hidrojet water meter is approved by the Emeñe model, which certifies its installation in water distribution networks of the public water domain. It is vital to control water used in irrigation installations and farmland, especially in soils with a very high water scarcity; installing a Hidrojet meter will allow you to control your consumption with a high accuracy.


Metal body and thermoplastic material.

  • Hidroconta’s Hidrojet meters for irrigation water are manufactured with a metal body and a protective epoxy finish. The internal parts of the farmland irrigation meter are manufactured in a thermoplastic material that offers a higher mechanical resistance to the wear caused by the water flowing through the meter.

Vacuum-sealed clockwork to prevent water condensation inside.

  • The water meter installed in public water domain networks features vacuum-sealed clockwork to prevent water condensation inside and to prevent faulty readings.

Magnetic transmission system protected against external magnetic fields.

  • Our meters are tamper-proof to avoid fraud. The full range of multi-jet water meters features a tamper-proof ring that protects the water meter against external magnetic fields. The Hidrojet meter offers safe and reliable readings, thanks to the ring mounted on its body.
  • Pulse emitter pre-unit for remote reading tasks. Quick connection, no need to stop the meter or disassemble it.

R80 accuracy ratio (horizontal) and R20 accuracy ratio (vertical).

  • The Hidrojet water meter is the perfect solution for your irrigation installation. It has an R80 accuracy degree in the horizontal position, i.e., it offers very accurate reading results at very low operating flow rates.

No need for straight sections at the meter’s inlet or outlet points.

  • In terms of the space needs of any agricultural installation, the Hidrojet water meter is the perfect meter for spaces with reduced dimensions. The certification of this model guarantees a high accuracy, with no need for straight sections at the meter’s inlet or outlet points, while allowing the installation of a hydraulic valve beside it to control the installation’s pressures and flow rates.


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