Ultrosonic flowmeter

Ultrasonic technology flowmeter in its fixed and portable options.

Alphanumeric LCD display that shows: instantaneous flow, positive, negative and net volume and fluid speed.


Hidroconta’s high-accuracy ultrasound flow meter is an obstruction-free meter for conductive and non-conductive liquids. The measuring system consists of two ultrasound transducers coupled acoustically to the pipe’s external wall and main unit (converter), which prepares the signals sent to and received from the transducers, transforming them into parameters that are legible to the user.

During the operation of the ultrasound meter, the high-frequency sound pulses are transmitted through a pipe from sensor A (upstream) to sensor B (downstream) and return. The signal moves from A to B in the direction of the flow rate and it accelerates, slowing down when it returns from B to A. The measurement of the difference of both transmission times is what defines the circulating flow rate. A transducer is installed upstream on the outer pipe surface and another one is installed downstream.


  • Operating range: +/- 16 m/sec.
  • Power supply: 90…260 Vac 50/60 Hz and 12…36 Vdc.
  • Maximum consumption: 2 W.
  • 4 – 20 mA outputs, pulses, frequency, RS-485 MODBUS and alarms.
  • Accuracy: Higher than ±0.5%.
  • Non-invasive transducers.

The sensors of Hidroconta’s ultrasound meter are fitted onto the external surface of the pipe, so the flow rate does not have to be interrupted to install them.

Alphanumeric LCD display.

  • The ultrasound flow meter’s converter features a backlit alphanumeric LCD display with two lines and 20 digits.

Information display

  • Hidroconta’s flow meter can display the instantaneous flow rate, positive, negative and net volume and flow rate speed.

Designed for all liquid and pipe types.

  • It has been designed for use with ultrasound meters in all types of pipes, from the smallest ones with a 15 mm diameter to the largest ones with a 6,000 mm diameter.


  • Treatment of water, sludge and pumping process water. Oil, petroleum and chemical industries. Hydro-electric, cooling and firefighting stations. Extraction, food, pulp and paper and pharmaceutical and automotive industries.




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