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Water meter woltmann type with dual use in irrigation and public hydraulic domain with approval m̃ and MID approval for potable water certified by CEM (Spanish Center of Metrology)

Woltmann counter

PREDATOR water meter includes a pulse output pre-equipment. Intallation conditions U0/D0, straight sections are no required. Ratio accuracy R160H.

PREDATOR water meters ranges from DN 50 to DN 200.

Certified, for drinking and irrigation water.

  • The Woltmann-type Predator meter is Hidroconta’s most versatile meter. Predator has been certified by two Spanish official models for use in drinking water and public water domain networks for irrigation. MID model approval is marked with the letter M on the clockwork, including the year of certification and EMEÑE approval for use in irrigation networks, which is shown in this case with the EMEÑE symbol on the clockwork.

Pre-installation for the pulse emitter.

  • Removable pulse emitter, with no need to remove the meter’s seal. The Predator drinking water and irrigation meter features new technology, allowing the pulse emitter to be added without removing the meter’s seal, by simply attaching it to a tab designed for this purpose.

R160 metrology in the horizontal position and R100 in the vertical position.

  • The model approvals mentioned above certify the Predator meter as a unit with a high metrological accuracy. According to this, the meter can be installed in various positions; an R160 accuracy rating can be achieved by installing the water meter in the horizontal position. However, if you wish to install the meter in the vertical position, either due to insufficient space or project requirements, the water meter will have an R100 accuracy rating.

Clockwork with vacuum-sealed sphere (IP68).

  • The degree of protection of the clockwork guarantees a high resistance to dust and dirt, since the clockwork is vacuum-sealed.

Pressure loss class Δp 16 ( 0.16 bar)

  • Hidroconta’s Predator water meter has a maximum pressure loss of 0.16 bar, i.e., when the water passes through the unit, the pressure drops by 0.16 bar, which is a minimal loss.

Meter with no need for straight sections U0 – D0

  • Space will not be a concern in your hydraulic installation; the Predator water meter has a special design, so no straight sections are required at the inlet or outlet of the meter.
  • The Predator water meter has a dual model approval for use in urban water and farmland water networks, and has been designed to extend its useful life. Thanks to its design, the Predator water meter performs hydrodynamic compensation processes, preventing external pushing effects on the turbine’s shaft.
  • Its operation is based on a turbine, with a shaft mounted on the water flow line. The turbine’s rotation is transmitted with a magnetic transmission system through a shaft and gear to a head, which accumulates the water volume that has circulated through the meter in its totaliser.


1- Has the turbine broken?

The rupture of the turbine may be caused by the presence of solid particles of considerable size, for example, blocks and stones which may be suspended in the water.
In this case you must replace the counter mechanism and place a filter before the counter so it does not happen again.

2- The water meter does not add up?

It is likely that it is stuck, has some internal part damaged or has suffered wear and tear due to aging.
When an aging wear occurs, the meter may add up to m3, but not the actual ones.
In this case, the damaged element must be replaced. Our counters thanks to its hydrodynamic design with independent mechanism makes this type of repairs very simple.
Tip: have complete mechanisms to replace the faulty meter while it is being repaired.


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