Deméter 4h Remote Control Hardware

Deméter is an IoT device made by Hidroconta to control hydraulic equipment such as hydraulic valves and water meters and sensors on water distribution systems.



Deméter 4H

The Deméter is a state-of-the-art wireless GRPS-Radio system that remotely controls and monitors the various devices and systems associated with water consumption and distribution. Developed entirely by Hidroconta, among other benefits, the system enables the seamless digitisation of water networks, reducing deployment costs.


Communications tailored to the system’s topology

Deméter 4H communicates with a central server using GPRS technology or free-band radio and it can operate continuously for 6 months with no communications without losing any information.

Self-contained device

Deméter, Hidroconta’s remote control device, is a fully autonomous system. It is powered by batteries and, as an additional aid, it can be charged by a small solar panel.

  • Battery: lead-acid rechargeable 6 V/12 Ah battery
  • Solar panel: according to the communications frequency 12 V/5 W.

It manages multiple assets at once

It controls up to four hydrants (water meter plus valve), one digital input and output and two analogue inputs. It can be extended using expansions.

Dual functionality

  • This hardware developed by Hidroconta can function as a GPRS end-point or radio and as a GPRS/radio mixed communications hub.
  • It receives and concentrates communications from a radio subnet and retransmits them via GPRS.

Analogue inputs

  • 2 10-bit resolution 0-20 / 4-20 mA analogue inputs.
  • The device has a 15 Vdc terminal to power the sensors.

Meter inputs

  • Deméter 4H has 4 meter inputs. Designed for reed-type potential free contacts. 30 uA consumption with a closed contact.
  • They can also be used with open collector-type pulse emitters (respecting the polarity).

Digital input

Potential free contact. Similar to that described for the meter inputs. Useful when used with intrusion detection systems, digital pressure switches, etc.

Solenoid valve outputs

Deméter 4H has 4 outputs for 12 V latching solenoid valves. Triggering is performed using the energy stored in a 4700 uF capacitor charged to a voltage of 15 V. More than sufficient for most manufacturers.

  • Relay output
  • Potential free contact digital output via a 220 V/2 A relay.


Dimensiones Demeter


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