Multi jet water meter MFSM-L for domestic water consumption with MID homologation certified by the Spanish Metrological Centre (CEM).

MFSM-L counter

MFSM-L water meter is manufactured in copper alloy body and includes a pulse output pre-equipment. Straight sections are not necessary at the MFSM-L water meter input or output U0-D0. Ratio accuracy R80.

MFSM-L water meters ranges from DN 32 to DN 50.


MFSM-L multi-jet water meter

Installing an external consumption meter is required to guarantee proper and efficient use of the water resources. Therefore, Hidroconta offers a wide range of domestic water meters that have been certified in different gauges, so they can cater to the needs of buildings, detached houses or water management processes in large cities.


Copper alloy body and thermoplastic interior.

  • The MFSM-L drinking water meter is manufactured in a copper alloy and coated with a protective epoxy finish. The main inner components are made out of thermoplastic materials, making it a more flexible and durable solution, guaranteeing the proper operation of the domestic meter. The MFSM-L domestic meter guarantees a high mechanical resistance to wear.

Vacuum-sealed clockwork to prevent water condensation inside.

  • The dial of the MFSM-L domestic drinking water meter is manufactured with vacuum-sealed clockwork to prevent water condensation inside and allow easy reading of the meter, also preventing its internal components from being affected by humidity and extending the useful life of the water meter.

Magnetic transmission system protected against external magnetic fields.

  • All Hidroconta water meters are manufactured with a system that protects them against external magnetic fields to prevent possible fraud in water installations and guarantee the proper operation of the water network’s assets, in addition to subsequent analysis of the data to reduce the consumption levels.

Pulse emitter pre-unit for remote reading tasks.

  • The MFSM-L meter is supplied with a pulse emitter pre-installed, which allows the quick connection of an emitter with no need to interrupt the meter’s operation or to remove it, preventing the problems that this would cause.

No need for straight sections at the meter’s inlet or outlet points.

  • The MFSM-L meter requires no straight sections upstream or downstream of the installation, facilitating its assembly in any urban space.

MID drinking water certification. Directive MID 2014/32/EU.

  • Drinking water meters are certified by the Spanish Metrology Centre, guaranteeing their use for drinking water and taking into account the materials used to manufacture the meter, in addition to their accuracy as a metering and billing element.


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1- Which is the difference between dry dial, wet dial and semi-dry water meter dial?
On water meters with dry dial the reading mechanism (clock) is tightly separated from the wet chamber of the meter.
On Wet dial water meter the watch is totally immersed in the fluid.
For water meters with semi-dry dial, the reading mechanism is totally immersed in the fluid but the dial is partially serrated and protected by a sealed capsule.

2- What are the ranges of measurement and precision?
The measuring range of the meters is determined by the Directive MID 2014/32 / UE establishing the ratio between the value of the permanent flow (Q3) and that of the minimum flow (Q1). The water meter can measure up to the maximum flow rate (Q4) for short periods of time without deterioration.
The maximum permissible error, positive or negative, in volumes between the transition flow (Q2) (included) and the overload flow (Q4) would be 2% with a water temperature ≤ 30 ° C.
The maximum permissible error, positive or negative, in volumes between the minimum flow rate (Q1) and the transition flow (Q2) (excluded) would be 5%.

3- The MID directive and its compliance
The MID Directive (2014/32 / EU Measuring Instruments Directive) is a directive of the European Union whose purpose is to harmonize the different aspects of Legal Metrology in the member states.
The most important aspect of this directive is that equipment in possession of a MID certificate can be used in the EU.

4- How should the single jet water meters be installed?
HIDROCONTA single jet counters do not require special installation conditions.
If you have any doubt about the installation of these equipments, it is recommended to follow the instructions indicated in the technical data sheet of the product.


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