It is a reality that digitizing the water sector helps control and optimally manage its use, thus contributing to greater profitability of the water resource, whether in agriculture, domestic, or industrial water supply environments.

At Hidroconta, we have focused our resources on supporting digitalization, independently creating various IoT-based devices and web platforms to connect water networks with managers or end users.

digitalización de redes de agua

There are different approaches to network digitization depending on the needs of each project. These vary based on several factors depending on the sector of implementation, such as the digitization of urban water or irrigation networks and even different industrial areas. Another aspect to consider is the size of the area of operation, such as large irrigation sectors, urbanizations, cities, or different dispersed areas.

For each option, there is an appropriate digitization solution. This article aims to provide a broad and practical view of water sector digitization processes, bringing information to real-world success cases executed by Hidroconta.

hidroconta digitalizacion del agua


We refer to sectorization projects when the implementation area is large and requires identifying zones within the water distribution network by establishing sectors where the water entry point is unique. In these points, we collect data such as flow rates, pressures, water components, and humidity, among others.

Identifying these sectors helps us study the evolution of the hydraulic network’s performance, as we can organize and prioritize sectors to carry out necessary actions.

digitalización del uso del agua

Success Case: Sectorization of water networks in Valladolid. (

Controlling other parameters such as tank level and free chlorine in water within the water quality control.


Telecontrol projects are needed when there is a need to manage all elements of the hydraulic network, including valves, water meters, sensors (temperature, pressure, humidity), and act based on the collected data. These projects also have the advantage of being able to operate equipment, such as opening and closing valves.

Success Case: Telecontrol of water distribution networks in the agricultural region of Beni Mellal. Monitoring equipment to operate them remotely in the province of Beni Mellal, Tadla. (


Obtaining remote water meter readings, both from a management web or an app for the final subscriber to consult. The aim is to control possible milestones and optimize water use by controlling Non-Revenue Water (NRW)

Success Case: Remote reading of water consumption in domestic meters in the Montealina urbanization. (

For more examples of projects carried out by the company, you can visit the PROJECTS section on our website.