The water meter is an important tool for measuring water consumption in a house or building. It is crucial to regularly check the meter to detect water leaks, as these can increase the water bill and cause property damage.

In this article, we will discover how to check the water meter to detect leaks.

Checking the water meter to avoid leaks

1. locate the water meter

First, find the location of the water meter. In most homes, the water meter is in the basement or garage.

2. read the meter

Once you have found the meter, note the number displayed on the screen. This number indicates the amount of water used since the last reading.

3. ensure no water usage

Before checking the meter, make sure no water is being used on the property. Close all water taps and ensure no one is showering, washing dishes, or doing any other activity that requires water.

4. observe the meter

After ensuring no water is being used, observe the meter. In the center of the dial is the rotating star (see image). This element is the most precise way to know if water is passing through the meter. If the star is rotating, there is likely a leak somewhere on the property.

5. take a reading and wait

Another way to detect a leak is to take a reading of the water meter and then wait a few minutes without using any water. If the meter continues to count liters, there is likely a leak.



What to do if you detect a water leak

If you suspect a water leak, it is important to quickly investigate to find the source of the problem:

1. Check faucets and pipes

Start by checking the property’s faucets and pipes. Ensure all faucets are closed and look for drips or splashes from the pipes.

2. Inspect hidden areas

If you do not find any leaks in these areas, the leak might be in the pipes under the floor or in the walls.

3. Maintain drainage and sewer systems

Besides regularly checking the water meter and looking for leaks in pipes and faucets, it is also important to maintain the property’s drainage and sewer systems. Blockages in these systems can cause water leaks and pipe damage. Regularly clean the pipes and drains and keep the sewer systems clear.

4. Repair leaks quickly

If you detect a water leak on your property, it is important to act quickly to repair it. Leaks can cause property damage, increase the water bill, and contribute to environmental problems and water shortages. If you are not comfortable repairing the leak yourself, hire a professional plumber to do it for you.

Monitor meter movements to prevent unwanted leaks

In summary, regularly checking the water meter is an important way to detect water leaks on a property. Make sure to close all water taps before checking the meter and look for changes in the displayed number.

If you detect a water leak, investigate quickly to find the source of the problem and repair the leak as soon as possible. In addition to checking the water meter, it is important to maintain the property’s drainage and sewer systems to prevent water leaks and pipe damage.