Within the framework of the ongoing modernization project of the Aoulouz perimeter in Morocco carried out by the Office Régional de Mise en Valeur Agricole de Souss Massa Agadir, Hidroconta will supply hydraulic equipment such as water meters, dismantling joints and Y-filters.

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Fuente: Agriculture Du Maghreb

The Minister of Agriculture, Marine Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forests, Mr. Mohammed Sadiki, was able to see last month during his visit to the Taroudant Province in the Souss-Massa region a prototype of the collectors that will be installed in the area.

The project involve 4.486 hectares mainly of almond and olive crops. They are divided into small areas of 20 hectares. The installation of Hidroconta’s hydraulic equipment by Sotradema/Capep joint venture will contribute to save aound 50% of water.

The project will distribute water from the Aoulouz dam, nowadays is in its early stages. Nearly 250 Hidroconta Hidrowoltmann water meter units are expected to be installed. The Hidrowoltmann meter is an essential water meter in any installation in which accuracy and consumption control are a must. Management of irrigation, farmland, garden and swimming pool networks are some of the most common uses of the high-volume water meter. Its robust casing guarantees a long useful life and the metering technology ensures reliable totaliser results.