NAUTILUS ultrasonic flowmeter with alphanumeric display and ratio accuracy R500. It has an internal battery that lasts more than 10 years.

Ultrasonic flowmeter

NAUTILUS flowmeters ranges from DN 50 to DN 400.


The NAUTILUS ultrasound flow meter’s measuring method is based on a double transit time route, using ultrasound technology. Ultrasound meter, with a robust design, ensuring reliable measurements throughout its useful life. With no moving parts and batteries that last over 10 years. High accuracy, thanks to its dual-beam ultrasound technology. The ultrasound flow meter integrates measurements, calculations and a display and can be used for water supplies, in cold water recirculation systems, etc. The Nautilus ultrasound flow meter is designed for water supply networks, agricultural installations and industrial applications.


    • Maximum operating pressure: 1.6 MPa
    • Temperature: T50
    • Accuracy: Class 2
    • Battery life: 10 years
    • Protection: IP68
    • Ambient operating temperature: -20˚C/55˚C
    • Pressure losses: Δp16

    Installation conditions (sensitivity)

    There are two different sensitivities, according to the diameter of this ultrasound flow meter, from DN 50 to DN 300; the flow meter can be installed with no need for straight sections at the meter’s inlet or outlet points. Additional space will be required between the meter and any other conduit to guarantee accurate measuring results for higher diameters.

    • DN50 – DN300: U0/D0
    • DN 350 – DN400:U5/D3


    The accuracy of Hidroconta’s Nautilus flow meter varies according to the gauge, maintaining a high accuracy at all times to guarantee the installation’s proper operation.

    • DN50 – DN200: R500
    • DN 250 – DN400: R250

    Data storage

    • The Nautilus flow meter stores the information gathered for a 7x24h, 365 days a year and 72-month storage period.
    • Output: RS485 MODBUS, pulse open collector.

    Communication protocol

    • The ultrasound flow meter uses the Modbus-RTU protocol. Transmission speed: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 optional. Type of characters: 8 data bits, no bit parity, 1 stop bit.


    • The Nautilus flow meter features a 9-digit LCD display, showing different and very useful information, such as: the cumulative flow rate (m, L, GAL,), instantaneous flow rate (m /h, L/min, GPM), flow rate direction, low battery alarm and leakage detection.




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