medidor electromagnéticoThe electromagnetic flowmeter islt, is a modular integrated system oriented to the measurement, transmission, regulation and totalization of the flow of liquids of any nature. The measurement is independent of temperature, viscosity and the presence of solid parts in suspension.

It is an instrument of high precision, reliability, low consumption and great applications.

The electromagnetic flow meter is made up of two parts: the measurement tube that is placed in the pipe and the electronic converter that can be placed on the measurement pipe or separately.

The working principle of the electromagnetic water meter is based on Faraday’s Law of Magnetic Induction. The Sensor is mainly composed of a measuring tube with a sealer coat, a pair of Electrodes inserted in the wall of the measuring tube, a pair of coils and iron cores to produce the magnetic field.

When the conductive liquid goes through the measuring tube, a voltage between electrodes is produced, which is directly proportional to the speed of the liquid.
The signal is amplified and processed by the converter to perform the various functions shown on the display.

To see the technical characteristics of our electromagnetic water meter click on the following link.


The right election and installation of measurement assets in a hydraulic network is a must to ensure management efficiency technically and economically.

For the correct functioning of the magnetic meters, it is necessary that the meter and the fluid be connected to the ground. In this video we explain how to connect the ground connection of the Hidromag Flowmeter.

Follow the next recommendations to install the Hidromag Flowmeter.

Cómo funciona un medidor electromagnético

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