During the coldest days of winter, the water supply system can be affected by low temperatures. To prevent breaks in water meters and pipes, we must take preventive measures and stay alert.

How to protect a water meter

To protect a water meter from freezing, anticipate the situation and follow these steps:

Properly close the cabinet housing the meter

Ensure that the cabinet or chamber where the water meter and shut-off valve are located is securely closed.

Insulate the water meter from the cold

To insulate the water meter, you can use various materials such as rock wool, fiberglass, or polystyrene. Place the protective material around the water meter. You can also use rags or old clothing to wrap the meter and prevent problems.

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What to do if the water meter freezes

If the water meter in your home or agricultural installation has been frozen and there is no water supply, the last thing you should do is force the water meter or the shut-off valve. You must wait for it to thaw.

To thaw the water meter, you can also help by applying indirect heat to the affected area using a heater or a hairdryer. 

Remember that a good remote reading system that provides remote reading and alerts for the meter without having to go to the site of the incident is essential for days with adverse weather conditions.