Small bore water meters are compact devices designed to provide accurate measurements of water consumption in residential or agricultural settings. Their small size does not compromise accuracy, as they use measurement technologies that guarantee high accuracy at very low flow rates.


Enter the fascinating world of water metering with small-gauge water meters, devices that stand out for their versatility and accuracy. These meters offer efficient and reliable solutions for measuring water flow in domestic and agricultural environments.

Compact design, powerful performance

Small caliber water meters are distinguished by their compact design that does not compromise on quality or accuracy. Despite their small size, these devices incorporate technologies that allow accurate measurements of water flow.

Product Highlights

We’ll explore some of the key features that make small-bore water meters a standout choice in the world of water metering:

  • Compact dimensions: Ideal for space-constrained installations of the low mains of a hydraulic installation.
  • Measurement accuracy: Despite their small size, these meters offer accurate measurements, ensuring effective water management.
  • Adaptability: Their versatility makes them suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications, offering tailor-made solutions for different needs.

Versatile Applications

Small-bore water meters find their place in a variety of situations where efficiency and accuracy are critical. From the measurement of consumption in households to the management of water in agricultural environments.

Maximise the efficiency of your urban water network with our range of small caliber mechanical meters, approved with EMEÑE or MID certifications according to your specific needs! Discover the various measurement technologies available, single jet meters, multi-jet meters and volumetric water meters.

Why Choose Small Gauge Meters?

Each measurement technology offers unique features to adapt to different environments and measurement requirements. Single-jet meters are ideal for applications where accurate measurement is needed under standard flow conditions. On the other hand, multi-jet meters are ideal for environments with fluctuations in water flow, providing a reliable reading even under varying conditions. Finally, volumetric technology water meters offer accurate metering based on the volume of water passing through the meter, ensuring accurate control of consumption.

Find out how small gauge water meters can make a difference in the efficient management of water in your environment!