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Aqlara relies on Hidroconta as its remote reading solutions provider. Hidroconta has supplied new water meters, communication modules, also Hidroconta has made the study and the implementation of the communications network. Definitely, the main objective of the project has been the configuration of a remote water meter reading network in Cerdá town.

The company, focused on the management of home drinking water supply services and the operation of wastewater sanitation systems, Aqlara, has changed 241 residential water meters in Cerdá, Valencia.

Remote Reading Solutions, Smart Metering

The project is part of the “Reacciona” strategy created by the provincial government of Valencia. This strategy is focused on the adaptation and mitigation of climate change. The project has changed traditional water meters to smart water meters. Those smart water meters have IoT communication and are able to do remote readings and create alarms. Specifically, Hidroconta´s Altantis water meters with Iris LoraWan communication have been installed.

Within the project, after a coverage analysis made by Hidroconta a LoraWan gateway has been installed on the city hall building.

Carlos Arteaga

“The installation of the gateway in the City Hall makes the project much easier because it is not necessary to build up new infrastructures or ask for permissions. Furthermore, the internet connection of the Council could be used saving operational costs“ said Carlos Arteaga Hidroconta´s engineer project manager.

estudio de cobertura hidroconta

Image of the coverage study carried out by the Hidroconta team

The interoperability of equipment developed by Hidroconta allows analice the data by many platforms such as the Hidroconta Demeter web and Sentilo, provincial council platform. This one is a must of the project.

Captura de la visualización del proyecto en Sentilo, plataforma web de la Diputación

Visualization of the project in Sentilo, web platform of the Diputación

Those platforms will allow the person in charge of the hydraulic network to manage data, create alarms, manage alerts, generate reports, view consumption. The inhabitants of the municipality will also be able to view the consumption of their home through the Hidroconta Metering APP from their mobile devices, with the aim of saving cost and water.