In the following post we will show you how to read a water meter and the different ways of visualizing the volumes registered by a flow meter or water meter.

On the market you would find many water meters models as we explain on previous posts each of them will show the consume in a different way . Here we will talk about water meter readings on mechanical dial, digital water meters and smart water meters that have the possibility of reading the information by smartphone APP. 

Mechanical water meter dial reading: 

Water meters with a mechanical dial are based on a lining figures dial that will show the volume of water consumed. 

The volume is represented in cubic meters. Those dial would be read in two reading fases. 

The first located in the upper part is composed of a numerical lining dial with several rollers, as in Atlantis water meter range shown on the picture below. 

Black roller indicators show complete units in m³. and the red roller indicators are decimals. In the lower part we can find circular graduated scales with needles, which will complete the reading.

Therefore, in the example image the water meter reading will be 582,3651 m³.

Lectura de contadores de agua

Digital water meter reading:

The water meter with a digital display makes easy to read the water consumed. Through a numeric display apart from totalized water volume consumed will show many information such as alarms, water flow direction and so on. 

Water  consumed will be shown in  m³ . In the pictures below you will see the Nautilus and Centinel water meter display.

Lectura de contadores de agua

IoT smart water meters: 

Nowadays water meters that allow visualizing data from APPs, those are called smart water meters and they are included on the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Those APPs display the consumption of water instantly and allow the user to do consumer comparisons between different time periods as well as set alerts to warn about consumption derived from, for example, internal leaks in a home. Hidroconta has developed Hidrconta Metering, an intuitive APP especially done to be used by the final water consumer

All the water meters mentioned before are possible to be included in the IoT adding an external communication module for example the Hidroconta’s IRIS module.

Lectura de contadores de agua